First of all, you should register with the department of motor traffic. There are two methods for that.

  1. You can hire a dealer to get a driving license. You can find many local dealers in your hometown (Learner’s school). They will guide how to register and rest of the things.
  2. If you have your own vehicles and experience you can directly deal with the department.

Register process:

  1. Medical test – you should go to government’s driving medical lab. In this lab, they check your height, blood group and basic health exercises. Don’t fear they not check your entire body. You should bring your NIC and should submit your birth certificate copy in this session. (important go before 7.00 a.m)
  2. The medical test is one day process. when you pass the medical test they provide pass report and then you should go department of motor traffic to face written exam test.
  3. After 4-5 days they will release written exam result. If you are deal with a learner’s school they will inform your results. If you passed they issue tempory license permit.
  4. If you passed and deal with learner’s school, after 3 months you can face practical exam. Other direct dealers can assign a date for the practical test from the department.

practical exam:

Bike – You should drive among 8 corners 2 times without signals and should drive road about little far with an overtaking vehicle with correct signals.

3 Wheelers/Car/Van – You should reverse your van with lines and should drive road with correct signals and other stuff.

When you pass the practical exam they give you tempory license and after 2 weeks they send driving license card from the post.